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Saturday, August 6

So, I know.

I don't write on here enough, so why would I go out and start another blog?

Well. We had kinda joked about it for awhile. He's always saying he's got "the movie gene", and though I'm better than most- I'm not as skilled in filmology as he.

To which I vehemently disagree.

So our blog is for both of us to cyber-bicker about our movie issues. It'll be fun, but it's already got our competitive juices flowing.

He's surprisingly excited about his first blog. Hehe.

Feel free to chime in!

The Movie Gene


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Tuesday, July 5

Over the years I've had days where I have had to walk away from the gym moments after walking in the door. On several occasions I've gotten into the changing room only to realize I'd forgotten my shoes. On other occasions it was my yoga pants-and working out in jeans just wouldn't do. So- with a "Well I tried!" cheery attitude I'd just head home.

On several several occasions I've forgotten gym socks. Through cooler months I would lump it and work out with my argyles and ignore any looks sent my way.

A little less fun? Working out barefoot in your sneakers. I've done this three times now. And I remember the exact number because as I squished around in my sweaty shoes I would always say 'I'll never forget my socks again, swear to GOD!" Yet I did. Three times.

So, today. I didn't forget anything. I pulled my sneakers out of my Sephora gift bag (The perfect gym shoe holder!), pulled on the yoga pants and sports bra and slipped my sneakers over my cute little white gym socks. Grabbed my key, locked up the locker and started to walk towards the gym area.

It's sad to say it took me four full steps before I realized.

I didn't have a top on.

Thank God four wasn't fourteen. Luckily I was at the ladies only, but regardless. If I saw a girl walk out of the change room in just a bra I would always look at her from then on and say to myself (or the person with me) "Hey! There's that topless girl!"

Phew. "I'll never forget my socks or top again. Swear to GOD!"


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Tuesday, June 14

I really don't know how parents manage to work a full time job, cook, clean AND parent. Cause time management has become a task for me.

With my new position comes new responsibilities that will have me on the clock when I'm technically off the clock. It's now a job that could have me fully engaged on a Sunday afternoon if an emergency came up. I've got a lot of balls in the air, and need to pick and choose the most pressing thing to accomplish first. My day might start with me thinking I'm filling shifts and doing paper work, but that could quickly turn into a trip to the ER or disciplining staff. It's strange being in a job where I've got things unfinished- where I really have to walk away and leave it for another time. I don't like that. I like leaving and having all my ducks in the row- good bye to that!

The time management is a little harder, too, where even when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep I'm listing and planning in my head. I know, I know. It'll be easier once I've learned the ins and outs, but for now it's a lot to get under my belt. One co-worker told me it would be a full year before I felt I had a handle on the lot of it.

So that being new and challenging, I'm trying to maintain my trips to the gym while also fitting in chiro twice a week, other appointments, time with friends, and time with family/Steve. And I gotta tell you, this rain is making it hard to keep motivated and moving.

Ergo, another excuse for lack of blogging. I figured I'm way past due. Here is a little point form goings on:

Steve gave me a beautiful jewelery box and a new charm for my bracelet for my birthday. An adorable little Buddha! I never thought I was a charm bracelet kinda girl, but I love that each little piece has a special meaning or history. I love my Chamiliabracelet.

Ma and Pa got me a Bluetooth- which has proven VERY useful. Work kinda demanded it. Mom also made me a wickedly sweet chocolate peanut butter pie.

The three of them took me out for a three course Peking Duck dinner. They were all nervous of the unknown, but really enjoyed the skin/wrap part and the stir fry. When the bones arrived in a milky soup Steve and Dad looked at me and said "nope." How could I begrudge them that?

I went to an auction/dance benefit for a co-worker last Friday. She had been down south and contracted a bacteria that ended with her needing her leg amputated to the hip. It was an amazingly well organized and attended event and it raised 10,000, which made us all feel like we did something. I walked away with some hand made baby gifts for presents (I've got two baby showers coming up), and a nice collection of Redken products.

For Steve's birthday we went out for a nice dinner (steak of course), and the following day we came over to Mom and Dad's for some birthday pie. He was happy to get the two things he had asked for- a Frogger towel, and a Sabres jersey. Too bad hockey season is over, and the rain is keeping him away from the links. All he can do is pick them up to admire them now and then.

The summer is going to be mostly work until the end of August. That's when I'll get some time off, and we're going to head up to Sudbury for about a week, and then stop in Levis for a few days on the way home. We'll also have about 4/5 days at the end of the holiday just at home. We'll probably make a trip up to the valley and the drive-in then.

Other than that- it's work/gym/food/sleep unless I've got an appointment with the chiro/massage/dermo, or have managed to squeeze in some friend time. What I wouldn't do for a day of nada. A 'no clothes day' where I'm just in PJs. I'll have to schedule one of those...


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Sunday, May 22

I don't know what got it into my head that I wanted a frog notification on my blackberry. I was really proud when I did a quick little search and came up with the most authentic little ribbit.

The best part?

Knowing that Mom was sitting solitarily at the computer one night sipping from her wine glass and suspiciously looking around herself while saying out loud,

"What the HELL is that?!?!?"


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Saturday, April 2

Casinos visited:
Planet Hollywood
The Venetian
The Pallazzo
The Flamingo
The Stratosphere
The Mirage
The Bellagio
New York
The Excalibur
The Luxor
Mandalay Bay
The Golden Nugget
The Aria
The Golden Gate
Red Rock

Food Eaten:
Brunch at Mon Ami Gabi
Frango Fritada and Frango Taquitos at Pampas
Rodizio at Pampas (because he witnessed the meat delivery from the previous visit!)
The Dirty Chips at Todd English Pub
Steaks at Vic and Anthony's
A turkey sub at Subway in Boulder City
Bagels and coffee from Coffee Bean a few mornings
A cheeseburger and fries from In and Out Burger
A fish dish at a restaurant that we picked randomly and forgot about before we left it.

Drinks Drunk:
Cocktails at several casinos
Margaritas at Margaritaville
Daiquiris at the Forum Shops
Watermelon Mojito at Border Grill
A Martini at The Red Square
A Beer at PBR Rock Bar
A Glass of Wine at BB King's
A few bottles of red soaking our feet in the hot tub.
A smoothie at the food court in The Red Rock Resort

Laughs had:
Four thousand three hundred and one.


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Thursday, March 24

Last summer while driving back from Sudbury, our first road trip as a couple, there was one little blip that has now been dubbed "The Corn Nut Incident".

Steve likes to bring it up from time to time in sentences such as "We're great on the road together. As long as there are no more corn nut incidences." I've threatened to pull them out in road trips future, but he's said he'll make me walk.


We stopped in Oromocto to gas up and grab some snacks. I got some Vitamin Water, and opted for a bag of nacho flavored corn nuts. After a stop at the NB liquor store(searching for new wines to try), we got back on the road. I had my feet up on the dash with my peasant skirt like a blanket around me. I opened up my corn nuts and slowly munched away while listening to the radio and watching the houses along the roadway whiz by.

Some time lapsed, and Steve made a huffy sound. I looked at him and asked him "What?". He pursed his lip and said, "Nothing". A few more minutes flew down the road. Steve put the window down. Steve put the window back up, and then he huffed again.

"What's going on?"

"Is there no end to the bag of corn nuts?!"

I looked at him and then back at the little bag. "Huh?"

"Crinkle crinkle crinkle! Crunch crunch crunch! They STINK!".

I did try not to laugh. I absolutely did though. I assured him the big bad bag of corn nuts was gone. I folded them up, and then double bagged them in plastic. I also assured him that he didn't have to worry. I would NEVER eat nacho corn nuts in front of him, and surely not in an enclosed space, ever again. I asked him why he didn't just tell me, to which he replied,

"It's a small bag! But its crinkle crinkle! Crunch crunch!"

I patted his arm.

So now, even 8 months down the road, every now and then he brings up the corn nuts. So. What does that make me want to do?

We leave for Vegas on Saturday morning. Most of the time will be spent on the strip or Fremont, while one day we're renting a car and doing Boulder City and The Hoover Dam. So I've got two options.

Pull out a bag of nacho flavored corn nuts while he's strapped next to me on the plane.

Pull out a bag of nacho flavored corn nuts while en route to Boulder City.

I might have to wait and just pick my moment when it seems fitting. The plane option definitely has him more at my will! I just wonder if I can somehow get footage of his face when he sees the bag of dried artificially coated maize.

I don't even particularly like them.


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Saturday, February 26

Well. It's that time of the year. The Oscars. Last year Steve and I started a tradition of turning it into a contest. Which was probably a bad idea, as we're both too competitive for our own good.

Steve on last year. He says I'm no competition as I vote "with my heart". Well hell, in this case so be it. I was NOT going to vote Sandra Bullock as best actress. I knew I was probably just throwing away that point- but a girl has to have principles.

Steve likes to bring up The Blindside, and Sandra Bullock just trying to get me riled up. But I know I'm right. The academy voters were wrong. And they are often. I will vote status quo most of the time- unless I take offense. Which I did. Sandra Bullock is cute and sweet in the Rom/Com. But an Oscar performance? No. Slated against Helen Mirren from The Last Station? Hell no.

But, look. I'm riling myself up.

I've been telling Steve that this year, too, I will be voting with my heart.

I think Steve is a little jealous of my Colin Firth crush. I've told him he can pick his own, but he can't seem to figure out a female counterpart as fantastic. Which isn't surprising!

So. There's my best actor pick. Here's a breakdown of how I'm planning on voting tomorrow. I'm still gathering info and making the best possible picks. I will win this year. And if I win?

Steve has to wear a faux hawk when we go out to dinner at a restaurant of his choice. Haha. He's reeeeeeaaaally unhappy with the idea of it. He will definitely be bringing his A Game.

So here goes:

Best Picture
On the fence still, but I'm thinking I'm going to go with The King's Speech

Best Director
I'm thinking this is where they'll recognize "The Social Network"

Best Actor
Duh. Colin Firth

Best Actress
Starting to lean towards Annette Bening. It's a gamble though- as Natalie Portman has the momentum.

Best Supporting Actor
Christian Bale

Best Supporting Actress
Melissa Leo I suppose. But I could gamble on Hailee Steinfeld.

Best Animated
Safe pick. Toy Story 3

Best Foreign
Incendies. Though Biutiful is probably got the viewership.

Best Original Screenplay
The King's Speech

Best Adapted Screenplay
The Social Network

Best Art Direction
Alice in Wonderland I think (King's Speech?)

Best Costume Design
Alice in Wonderland

Best Original Song
Coming Home. I think.

Best Original Score.
On the fence. King's Speech/The Social Network. AR Rahman for 127 hours?

Best Documentary
Inside Job with a lean towards Gasland

Best Film Editing
The Social Network

Best Cinematography
True Grit

Best Makeup
The Wolfman

Best Sound Editing

Best Sound Mixing
The Social Network

Best Visual Effects

Best Documentary Short
Killing in the Name

Best Visual Short Animated
The Gruffalo or Day & Night. Not sure yet.

Best Short Film Live Action
Wish 143. Or maybe Na Wewe.

So there you have it. Wish me luck. I look forward to sitting across from a very unhappy faux hawked sulker.


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Sunday, January 30

Eagle Watch 2011
Year of the Pheasant

On Friday afternoon, Steve picked me up and we drove down to the valley for our second annual trip. Yes, we've discussed the plans for the third annual. It's just a great excuse to pick up and leave town in the middle of a dreary January.

We checked into The Blomidon and headed up to our suite. It's an old carriage house about 10 yards from the main building. Our particular room was Brooks. The rooms are so antique and fun. There were stairs to help you up onto the giant four poster bed. There is a heat lamp on the ceiling just outside the walk-in shower, and a big fireplace. We dressed up, and had a glass of wine by the fire before heading to the dining room for some supper.

They had a band playing blues quietly in the back of the room. I had the Captain's menu that consisted of country pate for a starter, Cajun shrimp pasta as my main, and a chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Steve made sure to have some of the smoked chicken that he's been thinking about for a year, and the stuffed pork loin for his main. The waitress laughed at his obsession with all things smoked, and brought us out a bit of the smoked salmon to try. And holy hell. I'll be ordering that next time!

We headed back to our room with the chocolate mousse cake and a fruit tray as we hadn't the room for anything else. When we got up at 8am sharp to start our adventure we ate the cake with our fruit and OJ. A nice little sugar kick to get the motor revving! Long johns on, and out the door by 9ish.

We stopped at the Irving to grab coffee, and made our way out to the field in Sheffield Mill's where the best viewing is known. It was pretty busy, and the birds were pretty sluggish as they'd already been fed by the farmers. We got a couple of nice shots, but then decided to venture out on our own.

We simply hit an intersection and decided which way the wind was going to blow us at that precise moment. We were up and down the cape through Canning and Kingsport, and everything in between. We definitely saw some eagles. However we saw pheasants every where.

Steve was wishing he had brought his shot gun, cause that would be "good eating." Maybe the pheasants were comfortable in the knowledge that all us weirdos were more interested in something other than them. I tried to get some good shots of them- but they can run like hell!

When hunger set in, we headed back to Wolfville for some lunch at Joe's. Steve had been eager to get himself some Scot's skins. He had a beer, and I had an ice cold Strongbow. We talked about the success of this trip, and began our planning for next year.

These little adventures mean the world to me.


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Thursday, January 13

My new house coat I got for Christmas.
It's the softest thing ever, and looks more like a coat, really. Steve thinks that I actually CAN'T wear it in public. I think he's wrong. He's wrong about a lot of things.

I really like my new Lululemon headband. He hates it. Like honestly looks at it and says, "I hate it." He says it makes me look like Jamie Lee Curtis in "Perfect" circa 1985. I've never even heard of that movie. Who knew John Travolta worked it as an aerobics instructor?!

Okay, okay. Sure it's a little Olivia Newton John...But I won't be pulling on any high rise leotard, I assure you. A little retro is cool.

This will never happen- regardless of whether Lululemon starts selling it.


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Thursday, January 6

I've added a button to my side panel. It's a blog called "Love Big, Bake Often".

My friend Tania (who I met while teaching in Korea) is a crazy inventive cook/baker- and she's got a great blog to prove it! Her latest creation of homemade pop tarts with nutella sound like a lot of fun!

I don't remember the last time I had a pop tart...


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